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We have some exciting news to share!

We have a new Facebook Page!  The official page for the Belfast Curling Club will be used to promote the club, and the sport of curling in general.  This new page brings us in line with how other clubs promote themselves.  The new page allows us to post as “The Belfast Curling Club” instead of under the poster’s name.  It also allows people to SHARE our posts – great for Bonspiel flyers, allows us to schedule events so that they show on a calendar, allows people to message the page, and allows us to “Like” other club pages, amongst other things.  The page will be fairly active, and hopefully will bring us more recognition.  We hope it will help bring more people into the sport, make the club even healthier, and get clubs “from away” interested in our bonspiels.  Please go “LIKE” the new page today – and stay tuned!  Here’s the link:


NOW – WHAT ABOUT THE OLD PAGE?  More great news:

The “old” page will become “The Belfast Curling Club CURLERS Group”.  This is going to be a great resource for club members.  The settings will be changed shortly so that any member of the group can post to it.  POSTS MUST BE CURLING RELATED.  This will be a place where you can post interesting curling videos or ask for curling advice.  Want to try to get a pickup game going on a weekend?  This will be a great place for that.  Short on volunteers for one of our events?  Ask for help here!  Got some great pictures to share of your team at an away Bonspiel?  Go for it!  You get the idea -  let’s make this an active and meaningful page.  Please keep it clean and civil!  Inappropriate posts will be deleted by the admins.  Here is the link to the group, in case you aren’t already a member.  If you AREN’T – ask to join today!  If we see some great posts in this group, we will also share them on the official/main page.


If anyone has questions, or suggestions let me know!


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