Logging Into the New Website and League Registration

The new website is ready for primetime.... at least we hope it is.

The first thing you need to do is sign in. Your user name and password from the old site will not work on the new site. This video will so you how to retrieve your username and password from the new site. You can change both of these once you log in. You should also update all your contact information so that you don't have to do this during the registration process.

Once you are logged in you can run through the process of registering for leagues. There are 3 test leagues currently on the site. Below is a link to another video that guides you through the registration process.

Try this out soon! We will be removing these test leagues and putting up the fall leagues for registration this week.

We appreciate your patience during this transition. It has been a bumpy one but we expected that. We really hope this new website will grow with us as a club and be able to serve our needs better than the old site did.

Belfast Curling Club
11 Belmont Ave (Route 3)
P.O. Box 281, Belfast, Maine 04915

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