College Crash 'Spiel 2017

What a great Crash 'Spiel!  We had eleven teams from eight different schools:  U. Maine, Unity, Bowdoin, MIT, U. Pennsylvania, Harvard, RPI and Yale. 


Winner first event:  Harvard
Runner-up:  U. Maine II

Winner second event:  MIT
Runner-up:  U. Penn

Winner third event:  Yale
Runner-up:  RPI II

Winner fourth event: RPI I
Runner-up:  Bowdoin II

THANKS to Bart Read for prepping the ice on Saturday and Sunday AND for stepping into a huge breakfast breach on Sunday morning;  to Valery Doody and Terri Kangas who prepped a wonderful dinner Saturday night (see photo);  to Greg Eads who put on the Saturday lunch . . . 44 hungry curlers;  to Dick Fischbeck for running things Saturday evening and closing up;  to Meg Haskell who helped with breakfast and returned with lunch on Sunday;  to Ellen Schneiter, Sue Weiluns and Jessie Gunther for dropping off much-appreciated baked snacks. 

Check out the video of the last stone, eighth end of the A Finals!  A nail-biter!


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