College Crash 'Spiel 2019

Crash Spiel 2019

This is the first rock of the 11:00 AM Sunday finals, Jan. 20 at Belfast’s 9th College Crash ‘Spiel.

We had a blast, storm notwithstanding.  We had eleven teams from nine schools competing:  U. Maine, Bowdoin, Unity, Yale, MIT, Harvard, Castleton, RPI and RIT from 9:00 AM on Saturday through Sunday early afternoon.  There was no hurry in taking off because most schools elected to spend the storm night holed up at the Fireside Inn so we fed 43 college curlers Sunday night at the club!  And tuned into the Patriot’s game. 

MIT beat Bowdoin I for top honors;  
RIT bested RPI I for the B Event;  
and Bowdoin/RIT (combo) overcame (I’m learning how to talk sport) Unity for the C Event.  
Bowdoin is the top Maine College Curling team for 2019 and it will be engraved on the club trophy!

Ahh, our village:  Paul Burtchell scraped and prepped the ice both mornings!  A huge thanks to Jessie Gunther and Diana Hauser for putting on the Saturday lunch, and Fred and Paul for assisting;  dinner that night was because of the efforts of Paul Burtchell, Terri Kangas, Barry McClusky and his mother-in-law Lois Stackpole-Alley!  Ann Kirkpatrick took over after Saturday’s dinner and closed the club down after the 7:30 draw got off the ice.  Greg Eads stepped forward with Meg Haskell for a wonderful breakfast on Storm Sunday, but everyone showed up to curl.  Bill Pieske folded in the needs of all these cars and plowed several times during the storm to keep us open.  And we didn’t quite run out of cookies thanks to Kathy Cleason, BJ Harris, Abbie Read, Tyrone Townsend, Brenda Boulier, Marcie Porter, Liz Fitzsimmons, Kevin Connolly, Martha Ortman, Jean Beal and Lauren Hallee.  

There were also generous food donations which meant that we were able to pull off that Sunday night loaves-and-fishes dinner.  And all the kids got home safely.  It was a wonderful ‘spiel. 

Submitted by Douglas Coffin

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