Facility Rental

YES!  The Belfast Curling Club does rent out its ice to people who want to experience curling during our season, roughly November 1 to the end of March.

Learn to Curl: 

We offer this 1 1/2 hour exposure to the sport for $10 in early November and early January.  Any number or mix sign up for this curling taste. 

YOU Can Curl: 

If eight of you want to curl, we will supply you with two instructors, give you the overview of the game, the crash course and then, guided, you do all the curling.  This takes about three hours and costs $320 per sheet of ice.  We have four dates for this during the year and they fill up fast.

Community specials: 

We engage in outreach to our communities, too.  On a case-by-case basis, we have worked with high schools, middle schools (12 years old is sort of the cut-off age to do this), boy scouts and church groups. 

Corporate specials:

It is best to think in terms of 24 people if you want a team-building experience for your business or a fund-raiser that happens on the ice.  Our three sheets, fully-loaded, is 24 curlers.  If you are more than that, then some people are in the warm room overlooking the ice and waiting.  Not ideal, but we do offer our bar and kitchen as part of a larger or corporate rental.  All three sheets used with six instructors for 24 is about $750.  The number of hours at the club does affect this.

We will work with you to make other visions happen, too, but our ice is in constant demand by our members, too, and finding ice time is tricky.  

Weddings, receptions: 

We generally don't rent out the Belfast Curling Club for non-ice events during our curling season.  We do, however, rent our facility for $350 per day April 1-October 15.  Access/staffing of the bar, if needed, is $100.  

If you have questions, please fill out the contact form

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